Stop losing money on

Technology powered Reverse Logistics

We help retailers recover 3x more value from their unsaleable goods than traditional liquidation.

Consumers demand lenient return policies

Lenient return policies drive higher sales, and marketplaces like Amazon require them. But returns are costing your business a significant amount of time and money.

Returns kill your margins

With 10% to 30% of forward sales coming back as returns, it's crucial for your business to recover more value from these items or suffer huge hits to your margins.

Liquidation is a terrible option

Liquidation is a low-tech business with misaligned incentives and layers of middle-men. This inefficiency means liquidators pay you next-to-nothing for your inventory.


Your returned inventory comes to our facilities

We handle the entire operational process for you in our own dedicated reverse logistics facilities.


Every unit is inventoried, inspected, and graded

Our trained inspection team uses testing equipment and software to inspect and grade each unit.


Items are resold to consumers at market prices

We tap into the largest marketplaces in the world, including our own, to reach millions of consumers.

Insights Through Transparency

Track your returned inventory throughout its lifecycle
with our beautiful dashboard.

Plain mockup

Unit level tracking of each return

Every item you send us is individually barcoded and tracked from the time it's received to when it's sold.

Identify and prevent return fraud

Use the data from our inspection process to identify return fraud as it happens.

See the impact on your bottom line

Watch your inventory sell in real-time, and track your recovery rate at the unit-level.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your returned and excess inventory is worth significantly more than what liquidators will pay for it. By cutting out the middle-men and selling this inventory directly to consumers, we help you recover the market value from these items.

Your inventory is held and fulfilled from our warehouses and we handle the entire remarketing process from finding consumer buyers to handling customer support for these orders. We operate on a consignment model, which ensures our incentives are aligned and we recover as much as possible from your inventory.
All items go through a QA/inspection process where the item is tested and the condition is documented. Items will then be made available for purchase to millions of consumers across the most popular online retail channels.
Each item is carefully inspected by a technician and all damage or defects are thoroughly documented. Items are graded on various key characteristics and prices are automatically adjusted based on these grades.

If an item is defective, there are several options. The option we choose will be whichever provides you the highest return. Defective items may be: repaired, sold for parts, recycled, or donated. We will work to recover as much as we can from every item, regardless of the condition.
We remarket your items on the most popular secondary marketplaces in the world in addition to our own proprietary channels so that your items reach millions of secondary consumers who are willing to pay market price.

This is made possible by our custom built software and eliminates the need for multiple liquidation middle-men, each of which operate very inefficiently and need to make a margin of their own.

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